The A-To-Z Meanings Of Flowers: The Meanings Of ALL Your Favorite Flowers!

Looking to find the meanings of your favorite flowers? I can't blame you -- after all, you don't want to send the wrong message to a loved one or significant other. If you would like to about the hidden meaning of flowers just click here for individual flower meanings just select your flower from the list below (and don't worry, we're expanding this list all the time!), click, and you're on your way!

List Of Flowers........

The meaning of Carnations. In general, a carnation symbolizes fascination, passion, innocence more

The meaning of Chrysanthemums. A red chrysanthemum means I love you. A white one stands for truth. And a yellow chrysanthemum means love “is not returned”. This flower also symbolizes "hope for the future." more

The meaning of Daffodils.This beautiful flower signifies respect and more

The meaning of the daisy. The daisy symbolizes innocence, virtue and true love. The word daisy means “day’s eye” or more

The meaning of flowers worn in the hair. All over the world women wear flowers in their hair. It is the oldest natural adornment. With their scent and their fragile beauty flowers can transform simple hair styles into breathtaking creations. But they are not only beautiful, they can also tell more

The meaning of the Freesia. The Freesia is the symbol of sweetness, friendship, and more

The meaning of Gardenias.  In general, the gardenia represents hospitality, grace and secret more

The meaning of Gladiolus.This flower represents sincerity and strength of more

The meaning of the Hydrangea. In general the hydrangea stands for friendship, devotion, and more

The meaning of the Iris. Generally, irises are though to represent hope, wisdom and more

The meaning of the Lily of the Valley. The Lily of the Valley signifies the return to more

The meaning of roses. Did you know that every different colour of rose has a distinct meaning? more

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