How To Make A Birch Bark Wreath

Tools you will need:

Glue Gun With Glue Sticks

Wire Cutters

Florist Wire

Brown Stem Wrap (to cover wire to make a hanger for your wreath)

Stapler With Staples

Sharp Scissors

Materials That You Will Need:

Straw Wreath Form ( I used a 16 inch)

Roll Of Burlap Ribbon ( You will need appox. 3yds)

And Of Course Birch Bark ( you will need to collect quite a bit)

Attach and start wrapping the straw wreath. Making sure to cover the entire base.

Now that your base is covered lets add some birch!!

You need to create some strips of birch. Tear into strips in varied lengths no longer than 4" for the outside of the wreath to 2" for the inside of the wreath and everything in between. Staple at base and continue,,,,,,

Start attaching stripes. Making sure to cover base edge to edge as it will display on a door or a wall.

Continue around wreath until it is completely covered.

And viola!!! You are done!! Decorate as you would like or just leave plain.

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