Blue Wedding Flowers: How To Choose The Right Blue Wedding Flowers!

blue wedding flowers

So... you've decided to go with blue wedding flowers at your wedding.

Most brides choose blue wedding flowers because their bridesmaids' dresses are blue. Here's some food for thought though; if you have blue flowers AND blue dresses, the flowers may not show up in your wedding photos. To avoid this problem, consider adding a co-coordinating color such as mauve, yellow, pinks, or white into your wedding arrangements.

Blue is a rare color in a garden and therefore a rare color in a florist's cooler. If, however, you do need a few suggestions for some blue flowers that are available here for you to choose from, here is a brief list...

Bachelor buttons

These flowers are all natural shades of blue. None of these tickle your fancy as the perfect blue wedding flower? Well, I have some good news...

There are a few un-natural alternatives now in the floral industry. Suppliers have developed a dye that will cause the bloom to change color when the flower stem absorbs it.

The process is called stem dyeing. The dye comes in a rainbow of colors and one is a brilliant blue. Some of the flowers available in the stem dye are: roses, Fuji mums, debdribium orchids, and daisies. Although you can finally have your favorite flower(s) in blue, let me warn you... it is a very intense color. In fact it reminds me of a blue crayon.

Besides being unable to control intensity of color, the stem dyeing process also cuts down the longevity of the bloom. I've seen roses that only last a couple of days, dendrobium orchids shatter their blooms and Fuji and daisy mums collapse from the process.

Another issue with a stem dye flower is that the dye will leach back out of the stem. Not ideal if you are holding onto a bouquet of natural stem flowers. The dye will stain your dress and hands.

Now you have all the facts about natural and stem dyed blue flowers, you decide which one is the best blue wedding flowers for you.

My recommendation is always the same when it comes to blue wedding flowers -- go natural. You can never go wrong when you choose something Mother Nature has created.

And you won't dye your hands or dress either!

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