Calla Lily Wedding Flowers: Considering Calla Lilies For Your Wedding?

calla lily wedding flower

The calla lily has become very popular to use as the main flower in wedding bouquets and overall wedding decor. I have to admit that calla lilies, although beautiful, are a little tough to work with. In the past I have ordered calla lily wedding flowers through my fresh flower wholesaler and been disappointed with their appearance.

The white calla lily is especially a problem as it will mark very easily (as with any fresh, white flower). They are extremely unforgiving and will show obvious signs of wear and tear if they have been mis-handled at any point of their journey to a florist's cooler.

As a florist, I want my brides to have exactly what they want. At the same time, I would never want them to be disappointed with "less than ideal calla lilies". As a result, I have come up with the best alternative to keep both the bride and florist happy and able to get a good nights rest the week of the wedding.

Here's the solution... use artificial calla lilies. Artificial calla lilies look exactly like the real ones. I know, I know. You are probably having visions of "fake flowers" of the past. But the artificial flowers of today are so life-like that you have to touch them to know the difference.

To make the bride's bouquet even more genuine I usually choose to use real foliage along with the artificial callas. For the real foliage, I recommend large broad leaves -- such as the foliage from a peace lily plant mixed with fine grass (bear grass).

The mixture of the two materials paired with the pure white calla's gives the bouquet depth and dimension. Another positive note is that the artificial calla lilies can be used afterwards in the bride and groom's home as a memorable centerpiece.

Have your florist try this, or give it a try yourself.

If you would like to consider creating your own wedding bouquet, I recently reviewed a publication that shows you how to do just that. Click here to check out the review -- for the low cost it is well worth it, and will help you create the "picture perfect wedding bouquet" and wedding decor.

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