Create Your Own Wedding Flowers!

create your own wedding flowers

Want to learn how to create your own flower arrangements? How would you like to design your own wedding flowers?

Well, I’ve just come across a publication that promises to do just that – show you how to design and create your own wedding flowers, that is!

The publication, aptly titled “Create Your Own Wedding Flowers” is written by designers Cindy Lymbery and Paul Ajao. Together, they direct you through simple yet elegant wedding designs that you can create easily at home.

The floral bouquets that are featured are some of the more popular current styles. I guess what I’m saying is these are wedding flower designs you can actually use!

How do I know this? Well, I’ve been working with brides for the past 17 years and for the past 2 years most of “my brides” have chosen at least one of the bouquets featured in this publication.

The authors of this book have featured three “ever-popular” bouquets for you to learn. They are the calla lily bouquet, a rose bouquet, and a gerbera daisy bouquet. The designs are simple yet stylish, and the instructions are short, clear and to the point. Accompanying the instructions are very clear photos that lead you through every step of the design. Follow along, and you will clearly have no difficulty creating these beautiful bouquets.

Also included is a product list – clearly outlining the quantity of both the flowers and the materials you will require for each project. I can’t understate the value of this little list – it’s critical!

The next section of the book focuses on the design of centerpieces for your wedding day. Like the bouquets, all the designs are simple and elegant. There’s plenty of centerpiece designs to choose from – 6 in total. With that much choice, there is definitely a design that will suit your wedding.

My favourite here would have to be the globe vase with roses. This design is versatile enough to use with any flower of your choice. Again, the instructions are very precise and easy to follow, and even a complete novice will be able to create a beautiful centerpiece without much difficulty.

In this chapter the authors also provide advice on how to organize your wedding flowers, as well as to be cautious and try out your design skills well in advance of your wedding (to avoid any disasters or dilemmas on that special day).

In the next section, the authors explain the fine art of “boutonniere creation” and once again, they make it simple. If you don’t know, the “boutonniere” is the finishing touch to a gentleman’s lapel, usually a simple single bloom.

The designers show you easy wiring techniques – part of the process required to construct a boutonniere. This “wiring” does require some practice, but with a little work, I am sure you will be able to achieve great results creating your own boutonnieres as well.

Aesthetically, “Create Your Own Wedding Flowers” is an attractive, professionally formatted PDF document (you will need to download this to your computer to read it. Don’t worry, it’s easy to do, and the software required is free – heck, it’s probably already on your computer). And at the price -- $15.95, it’s a steal. Heck, given the cost of wedding flowers these days, it’s a complete “no-brainer.”

One thing though…

The best advice the designers give is to try the designs ahead of time. I can’t emphasize this tip enough. You do not want to be trying to create your wedding flowers the day before (or even worse, the day of) your wedding. Creating the flower arrangements beforehand will allow you to become a competent designer and get your technique “down.” You’ll also know how long your flowers will last and how much time you will need to create the arrangements (and how much time to get the green stains off your hands!).

To sum up, “Create Your Own Wedding Flowers” is a high quality, low cost publication that I really enjoyed. I have no qualms about recommending this publication to you if you are considering creating your own wedding flowers.

Oh, and the bonus file which accompanies this publication "Essential Wedding Tips" is good value too. Plus, the authors even provide 3 free months of e-mail support too, in the unlikely event you are struggling with your creations.

Great value!

All in all, I highly recommended this publication!

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