Email Newsletters For Florists: Stay In Touch With Your Customers!


Without a doubt, the easiest (not to mention the cheapest) way to stay in touch with your floral customers is via an e-mail newsletter.

Wait! I know just what you are thinking...

"I'm computer illiterate. I don't have the time. It's WAY too complicated for me."

Trust me, it's not. And if I can do it (heck, I'm even building this Web site), believe me, you can do it too. Honestly... you can't really afford not to build an e-mail newsletter. Because if your competitors are not marketing by e-mail already, they will be soon. So you'd best get the jump on them, and put the ball in motion now.

How do you implement such a strategy? Easy -- have some simple forms printed up, and ask each and every single visitor to your store to subscribe to your newsletter.

And be sure to upsell its benefits.

These could be "member's only" flower discounts, advance notice on limited or specialty stock items or even information --"here's how to decorate your house for the fall season", for instance.

Then it's time to enter your information into your newsletter database. Services like Aweber are reasonably priced and easy to use. However, I recommend Solo Build It!. It's the tool I'm using to build this Web site (and I don't know web programming or anything), and it includes a newsletter feature.

It's a great bargain because you also get everything you need to build a fully functional, profitable web site like this one... for a few bucks more than what a newsletter service like Aweber charges. And yes, you really do need a Web site to properly promote your flower arrangement business. Like I said earlier, your competitors will be using one soon, if they are not anyway.

Bottom line?

It's cheap. It's easy. And it works. Make the first move to getting your own e-mail newsletter today!

Click here to learn more about Solo Build It!

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