How To Care For Your Roses!


Wondering how to care for your roses so you can enjoy them as long as possible? That’s a good question!

Roses can require a little extra attention but are well worth the effort. Watching the blooms expand to their perfection and the fragrance they give your home are one reason why these blooms are so popular.

So take the time and you can "smell the roses" so much the longer!

Here's how to care for your roses...

When you receive your roses, remove the water picks and give each rose a fresh cut with a sharp knife. Do not use scissors, as they will pinch the stems and not allow water to reach the bloom. Place in a vase of room temperature water with the flower food that is provided by your florist. Make sure that there are no leaves below the water line, as this will cause bacteria growth in the water.

Change the water every couple of days. Re-cut the stems when you change the water. This allows the roses to have a fresh drink.

If a rose should “drop” its head (or droop) simply remove it from the arrangement. Take a straight pin and poke the rose stem just below the bloom. Submerge the rose in a sink of warm water until it revives (about 2 hours).

Keep roses away from any sources of heat or drafts. Do not display roses near stoves, working fireplaces, and keep out of direct sunlight.

Now that you’ve learned how to care for roses, you’re all set! Follow these simple steps, and your roses will last a long, long time!

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