How To Take An Order Over  The Phone
At A Flower Shop

Ever wondered how to take an order over the phone at a flower shop. Here is a complete list of how to answer and take an order over the phone at a flower shop.

Recently I attended a workshop which focused on strategies for flower shops. There were many speakers at this event. I have to say they did save the best for last. The discussion was how your staff answers the phone....and then the speaker did live phone calls to some of the shops during the discussion. Wow! is all I can say about this exercise.

This is the list that I now have beside the phone to follow every time;

-identify your store name and yourself

-ask if they are a new or existing customer

-record the customers information name, phone number, address

-use customers name though-out the order taking process

-ask if it is a delivery or pick-up order

-take recipient delivery or pick-up information

-if it is for a delivery, use the recipient name in your conversation

-take card message information before product (then you know the occasion and what to suggest for product)  

-comment on the card message (acknowledge that you are listening to the customer) also at this time it is a great opportunity to offer a large enclosure card rather then the small business size card.

-ask the customer if they know what they would like to send or did they need some suggestions

-talk about colours of flowers, size of arrangement, and a location of where the flowers may be placed in the home, container details but never "how much do you want to spend"

-also never discuss certain flowers at this point if possible, you do not know yet when the delivery date is. If you are selling what you have in the cooler today the order may be for next week, and you may not have the same flowers .

-now you know the customer is looking for i.e. a large and showy centrepiece for a large dining room table that is for a bridal shower you now have all the information and customers expectations for the order.

-you now have the chance to discuss price "well Mr.Smith for that design I would recommend a 130.00 centrepiece it will be breath taking. Now the hard part pause.............your customer may do one of two things jump on this premium design or choke on the other end of the phone. If they choke you can then offer and less full design but still very special creation at 100.00 and on from there. From my experience the pause is the hardest part of the sales conversation.

-offer a finishing touch to their purchase candy balloon a plush animal

- capture the delivery date and any special instructions

-capture email address of your customer

-run credit card information while customer is still on phone

-and remember to always thank the  customer for their business

Sounds simple right? Listen to yourself and your fellow staff next time the phone rings.

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