Flowers By Marilyn: Perfect Flowers For Every Occassion... And Much More!

My name is Marilyn Linn, and for the past 30 years, I've lived, breathed, and even dreamt flowers (and not always good dreams, mind you!). As a professionally trained florist, believe me...

... if it has anything to do with flowers and flower arrangements, I've been there, done that, and bought a whole rack of flower-covered t-shirts (see more about me!).

And here's the good news... my floral experience puts me in the unique position to help you with your flower and decorating needs.

No matter what occasion you require flowers for (i.e., wedding, anniversary, etc.) my advice will ensure you get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it! (and I can help with other things as well, such as planning a wedding budget!)

Need to find a florist? Trust me, not just any one will do. Pick the wrong one, and your special day may turn into a disaster!

And if you're thinking of ordering flowers online? Be careful... I've seen some nightmares here, too!

Perhaps you're interested in DIY (do it yourself) arrangements?

Can floral design be made easy?

Yes, I can show you how to create wonderful floral arrangements. My first tutorial is now online; "How To Create A Beautiful Autumn / Fall Wreath."

I've also recently finished reading a great publication titled "Create Your Own Wedding Flowers." If you're looking to save some money by creating your own wedding flowers, Click here to read my review!

If you're new to the floral industry, I can save you a world of headaches. And of course, I'll share my tips and tricks for keeping your flower business running smoothly.

Of course, you may be just like me... crazy about flowers. I can help you with types of flowers, colors of flowers, the "hidden" meanings of flowers"... heck, I've included a discussion on tropical flowers, since they're so popular these days.

Oh, and before I forget... I'd love to hear from you! When it comes to flowers and special occasions, everybody's got a story to share. Whether it's a toe-curling disaster or a unprecedented success...

... I'd love you to share your experiences with me. Click here to contact me and tell me your story!

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