The Meaning Of The Chrysanthemum

What does the chrysanthemum “mean”?

A red chrysanthemum means I love you. A white one stands for truth. And a yellow chrysanthemum means love “is not returned”. This flower also symbolizes "hope for the future."

About the chrysanthemum:

The word chrysanthemum comes from the Greek words “chrysos” (which means gold) and “anthos” (which means flower).

This flower is native to the Far East.

The chrysanthemum’s flowers resemble powder puffs growing in the fields. They bloom naturally in the fall of the year but horticulturists of today can force them to bloom year-round by using artificial lighting and greenhouses.

These blooms have grown in popularity and can be found year-round. You’ll find cut flowers in your local florist’s cooler as well as a flowering plant poised in color anytime during the year.

There are numerous colours and varieties of chrysanthemums available and more are cultured everyday. As a cut flower, this bloom is long lasting and looks great on its own or in a mixed floral arrangement or bouquet. It is versatile and can be used for “everyday” arrangements in your home, or even for special occasions like wedding arrangements.

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