The Meaning The Gladiolus

Gladiolus Flower Meaning

What the gladiolus means: gladiolus represent sincerity and strength of character.

About The Gladiolus Flower

Native to South Africa, gladiolus also grow wild in southern Europe and the Middle East. The name gladiolus comes from the Latin word gladius, which means “sword” (the leaves are sword shaped). In ancient Greece, gladiolas were called “xiphim,” from the Greek word xiphos, which also means “sword.”

Gladiolus flowers were also well known for their medicinal purposes. The English used the corms of the plant for drawing out thorns and splinters.

Powdered corms mixed with goat’s milk were used to treat colic.

The corm is the underground storage organ of the gladiolus plant.

Corms are planted like bulbs in the ground with the difference being that during the growing season the original corm will shrivel and a new corm will develop above the old one.

The new corms are removed from the garden in the fall and replanted in the spring for the new growing season.

A member of the iris family, gladiolus bloom from July until the first frost and come in many colours. It is the flower of the month for August. The dramatic blooms, with their tall stalks are lovely in large sized arrangements.

Care For A Gladiolus As A Cut Flower

To care for these blooms and extend their vase life, remove blooms that have wilted. This will encourage the other buds to open. Snipping off the top two or three green buds straightens the stem and helps the other flowers to open. A word of caution though: these blooms they do require a lot of water, so make sure they get a daily “drink.” 

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