The Meaning Of A Flower Placed In The Hair

All over the world women wear flowers in their hair. It is the oldest natural adornment. With their scent and their fragile beauty flowers can transform simple hair styles into breathtaking creations. But they are not only beautiful, they can also tell messages.

In Europe the art of wearing flowers became very popular in the time of Queen Victoria, in the late 1800’s. Then, each flower had a meaning. So much so, dictionaries were used to translate what each bloom meant.

Some decades later the flower children in the 1960s rediscovered flowers to show their connection to nature, and as a symbol for peace and love.

In the islands of the South Pacific a single flower behind the right ear suggests that the lady is still single. Placing a flower behind the left ear means being taken, or married.

Plumeria and fragrant gardenias are often the blossoms of choice, but you’ll also find hibiscus flowers or the small but heavenly scented tuberose.

Today flowers are still worn for weddings. At the recent nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the bride's sister stole the limelight with her cluster of lily of the valley flowers nestled into her hairstyle.

To wear a flower in your hair, it is best to use bobby pins or hair clips to hold the bloom(s) in place. If you require a more elaborate design you can make the trip to your local florist a have them create hair flowers on a comb or large hair clip.

Some Meanings Of Popular Hair Flowers:

Camellia - Gratitude

Daisy - Innocence and purity

Gardenia - Secret love

Ginger - Strength

Hibiscus - Delicate beauty, sensitivity

Jasmine - Sensuality

Lily Of The Valley- Return of happiness

Plumeria- Perfection

Apricot rose - Desire, admiration, modesty

Pink rose - Admiration, happiness

Red rose - Passion, love

White rose - Purity, secrecy, spiritual love

Tuberose - Forbidden pleasures

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