The Meaning Of The Iris

The Meaning Of An Iris

Generally, irises are thought to represent hope, wisdom and faith.

The History Of The Iris Flower

The iris is native to Syria, and was imported to Egypt around 1500 B.C. where it was used as medicine and in religious/magic rituals.

In Greek mythology, Iris was the messenger of the gods Hera and Zeus, and was known as the goddess of the rainbow. The word iris means “rainbow” in Greek.

Irises are found frequently in the images of the artwork of the great Dutch masters as well as Vincent Van Gogh.

During the Renaissance, wealthy men and women scented their gloves with perfume made from the root of the iris. The French even use it to enhance some of their wines. The English use the iris to flavor brandy, and the Germans use the roots in some of their beers. The iris is even used in the cosmetic industry in Florence and Italy.

The iris has a distinctive shape. It has three large petals that fold back from the center to form the points of a triangle and three smaller petals. If you’re having trouble “visualizing” the iris, consider this… it has often been compared to a Fleur-de-lis.

The Iris Flower Is A Popular Choice....

Popular with many florists, iris blooms usually come in blue, white, and a beautiful shade of yellow.  It is best to check with your local florist for the times of the year when iris are available. A beautiful bloom to have on its own in a vase or mixed with other florals....but one thing is for sure the iris conveys the message of hope wisdom and faith to the receiver.

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