The Meaning Of Lily Of The Valley

What does Lily of the Valley "mean"?

The Lily of the Valley signifies the return to happiness. If you were to include the flower in a bouquet and give it to someone it would convey the message that your happiness has returned because of him or her.

Lily Of The Valley Is Known For...

This delicate bloom is known for a sweet perfume and bright a white or a soft pink colour. The Lily of the Valley begins to bloom in early spring and being so it is a sign to every gardener that spring has arrived.

The History Of Lily Of The Valley

According to legend, the Lily of the Valley sprang from the tears of Eve after she was ejected out of the Garden of Eden. This early spring bloom is also known as the “ladder to heaven”, due to the bell shaped flowers cascading down the stem.

A native flower to Europe, the Lily of the Valley is used to celebrate May Day, especially in France. This wonderful bloom of spring is used in many celebrations.

It is well known for bridal arrangements and the Lily of the Valley is often used for a bride’s bouquet. Some of the world’s elite and famous including Britain’s royal family have chosen the Lily of the Valley as a wedding bloom.

When the late Carolyn Bessette and John F Kennedy Jr. were married Carolyn clutched a bouquet of Lily of the Valley. In March 2007 when Elizabeth Hurley married playboy Arun Nayar she carried a small nosegay (A small bunch of fragrant flowers, tied in a bundle) of Lily of the Valley.

Other famous brides have chosen to combine the Lily of the Valley with other gorgeous flowers to create their bridal bouquets. Barbara Stresiand combined gardenia with the delicate bloom to create a stunning bright white bouquet.

Camilla Parker Bowles chose to combine yellow, purple, and white primrose with the Lily of the Valley when she said “I Do” to long time love Prince Charles.

Princess Diana, carried a cascade bouquet of yellow Montbatten roses, fragrant gardenia, stephanotis, orchids, freesia and Lily of the Valley. Kate Middleton has renewed this fragrant bloom back into popularity.

When Kate Middleton exchanged vows with prince William the world waited to see every detail of the wedding day including the wedding bouquet. The bouquet consisted of sweet william, hyacinth blooms and of course lily of the valley.

Weather you choose to have the delicate bloom of Lily of the Valley be a part of your bridal arrangements or have them grow in your gardens, these flowers are a joy and beautiful to design with.

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