The Meaning Of A Daisy

Meaning Of The Daisy

The daisy symbolizes innocence, virtue and true love. The word daisy means “day’s eye” or sun.

About the daisy…

For years, lovers have plucked the petals from a daisy asking the question “He loves me? He loves me not?” Heck, I did it as a young girl, and I’ll bet you probably have too!( To tell the truth I have been known to pluck a few daisies to this day hoping that he "still loves me?"

The History Of The Daisy

In mythology daisies were sacred to Norse the goddess of love, beauty and death, and the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite.

In the middle ages, a knight with two daisies on his shield meant he was the champion of a specific lady. A lady from that era who wore a crown of daisies indicated that she had not yet made up her mind about the knight.

Daisies For The Garden Or As A Cut Flower:

Daisies can grow wild in fields and meadows, and is why some gardeners consider them to be a weed.

They thrive in cool, moist climates and are very easy to grow if you choose to have them in your garden.

Daisies are available at your local florist all year round in a variety of colours. As a cut flower the daisy has a long vase life, and as such, is the perfect flower to spruce up your home.

A daisy flower bouquet is a beautiful thing!

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