The Meanings of Roses: The Number And Colour Of Roses Conveys A Message!

pink and red rose

Roses are popular. Everyone knows that. But did you ever wonder more about the "meaning of roses?" I mean -- "what exactly am I telling someone when I send them "x" number of a certain colour of roses?

Before I get to the meanings of the various colors of roses, and even the number of them that you send, let's have a brief history of the rose...

Roses are believed to be native to the western United States. Fossils of roses have been discovered in Montana but they have been recorded though out history all over the world.

The ancient Romans used roses in festivals. Roses petals were mixed with wine for a decadent flavour or petals were showered over guests to give them a warm welcome.

In Egypt it is believed the Cleopatra kept rose filled pillows in her boudoir and once received Mark Anthony in a room knee deep in rose petals.

Yes, history proves that the rose has always been revered as a symbol for the celebration of love.

The rose is also the national flower of the United States and symbolizes the birth month of June. The rose is recognized around the world for its scent and beauty.

Did you know that every different colour of rose has a distinct meaning? Yup... so you'd better know what message you are sending before you send it!

Here's a breakdown of each colour and its meaning...

RED: I love you

PINK: Grace and elegance, happiness, and also an expression of admiration

YELLOW: Friendship

WHITE: Purity and innocence

ORANGE: Desire and enthusiasm or secret love

LAVENDER: Enchantment or love at first sight

PEACH: Sympathy or gratitude or modesty and sincerity

BLACK: Death

CHAMPAGNE: Lasting beauty

Even the way roses are arranged can convey something to the recipient. For instance...

Two roses joined together with a ribbon represents engagement. Red and white roses arranged together means unity.

And guess what? Even the number of roses you give to someone also has meaning. Take a look...

1 rose: Love at first sight

2 roses: Deeply in love

3 roses: I love you

6 roses: I want to be yours

9 roses: Eternal love

10 roses: You are perfect

11 roses: You are treasured, the one I love the most

12 roses: Be my steady

13 roses: Secret admirer

15 roses: I am sorry, please forgive me

20 roses: Please believe me

21 roses: I am devoted to you

24 roses: I am always thinking of you

33 roses: I love you with great affection

36 roses: I will remember our romantic moments

40 roses: My love is genuine

50 roses: Regretful love

99 roses: I will love you for as long as I live

100 roses: Always together until we grow old

101 roses: You are my one and only love

365 roses: I think of you everyday

999 roses: Everlasting eternal love (now that can be expensive!).

I bet you never thought the colour and the number of roses you send could mean so much? Well... now you know!

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