How To Plant And Grow Chrysanthemums

Wondering how to plant and grow chrysanthemums?

There is some confusion as to which variety of chrysanthemum to plant in your garden. If you have ever been in a local floral store around Christmas to mothers day the variety that you see there is for indoors only great to add colour to your home but not a variety that you can plant outside.

You are looking for the variety of the chrysanthemum that is called "hardy mum." This is the type that is meant to be planted in your garden. You will find it in your local garden centers and flower shops and it is found readily in the fall of the year.

Usually you can buy young chrysanthemums from a garden center earlier in the planting season. They prefer to be planted in full sun and well-drained soil. These plants have very shallow roots so it is recommended that you keep the plants well watered. Apply fertilizer on a regular basis.

If your chrysanthemum plant needs to become "fuller" (i.e. wider, "bushier" and more "full") you can pinch off the new growth from the top of the plant. As fall approaches apply a fertilizer that is high in phosphorous to promote blooming. Follow these simple steps and you will be rewarded with large colorful blooms.

The one problem with chrysanthemums is that bugs find harbor in their leaves. This problem is evident in the fall of the year. The culprit is usually a insect called an aphid. Their signature of residence in your chrysanthemum is a sticky residue that they leave on the leaves of the plant. To combat these pesky little invaders you can "dust" the plant with an insecticide or wash down with an insecticide soap.

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