How To Plant And Grow Daffodils

Wondering how to plant and grow daffodils?

Daffodils are grown by a bulb that you must plant in the fall of the year. The best time to plant these bulbs is a couple of weeks before the ground freezes.You should plant them 6-8 inches deep into the ground and space them 3-6 inches a part. Keep in mind that the bulb of the daffodil will tolerate some crowding.

When planting the daffodil bulbs you should sprinkle a bulb fertilizer in the hole.Something else that you should consider when planting these bulbs is that the  daffodil is native to woodland areas and will grow in full sun.

When you are choosing bulbs, pick out ones that are not dried out, and remember... the bigger the bulb the bigger the plant and flower next spring.

Sure, planting bulbs is a lot of work, but the reward comes in the spring.

After all, the daffodil is one of the first signs of spring, and you'll have no doubt that all the work was worth it once you see your first glimpse of those beautiful blooms.

After blooming, the dying foliage can be snipped off at the base of the plant. The only maintenance you need to do with the daffodil is to dig up the bulbs every couple of years to separate the bulbs before replanting.

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