How To Plant And Grow Daisies

Wondering how to plant and grow daisies?

The daisy is an "easy to grow" perennial (a plant that will come back year after year). You can plant a daisy straight from seed, but keep in mind it will probably not yield any blooms the first year. The following years will be better -- your daisy should yield many blooms. Once your daisy plant is established (after 3 to 4 years) you should separate the plant so it does not become overgrown.

The daisy prefers to be planted in rich, well drained soil and in full sun. The reason for the daisy's popularity is its easy care and low maintenance The daisy is a very forgiving and tolerate plant -- it will thrive in poorer soil conditions and even in partial shade.

To help your daisy plant flourish you can fertilize with a high phosphorous mix. This will promote blooming.Look for a high quality bloom builder fertilizer with the numbers of 10-54-10. Make sure the soil is moist surrounding the plant then fertilize once a week ( try to do this the same day every week) Never fertilize any plant when the soil is dry as this may burn the root system.

This plant is seldom bothered by insects.....

If, however, your daisies are assaulted (and it does happen on rare occasions) you can treat the plant with an insecticidal soap.

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