How To Plant And Grow Freesia

Wondering how to plant and grow freesia?

The freesia plant is grown from a bulb. In colder climates the bulb of the freesia should be planted in the spring of the year. If you are impatient for the arrival of spring, you can start to grow these bulbs indoors in pots.

If you choose to plant the freesia outdoors be sure to place them in or around other plants. The freesia has a very thin stem and tends to lean over due to the weight of its blooms. When there are other plants around the freesia it will have some support to hold the fragile stems upright.

The freesia blooms naturally in the early spring to early summer and prefer to be planted in full sun.

Once the growing summer season is over, wait until the blooms are gone and the leaves have turned yellow and withered. Then, dig up the bulbs and replant them the following year.

The freesia plant is not very hardy, so why brother to plant these blooms at all? Simple. The fragrance. It will win you over.

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