Tips For The Professional Florist: Rethinking The Cut Flower Bouquet!


One of the best selling products from the florist's cooler has always been the cut flower bouquet. Whether it's a mixture of flowers or a single variety, you can be sure the cut flower bouquet is your bread and butter.

Question is...

How good are your bouquets?

How well do they represent your shop? Oftentimes bouquets are so simple and commonplace, it's easy to forget that everything that leaves your store is a representation of your work. It's time to get creative and conduct a little test...

Make a typical cut flower bouquet (or have your staff make one) and wrap it as if you would for a customer.

Now, pretend you are your customer and receive the cut flower bouquet. Be as opened minded about this as possible and ask yourself...

What is the presentation like? Would you be excited to receive this bouquet? Is there a water source included for your flowers until you place them in a vase? Is there information included on how to look after your flowers? And is there floral preservative for you to use in your vase?

All these questions should be answered with a resounding "yes!" If not, changes need to be made. The next big test is arrange your cut flower bouquet into a vase. If you cannot arrange the bouquet or you are longing for an extra piece of greenery to "fill things out", it is time to re-think the bouquets you are selling.

Ready for the next question? How easy was it for you as a trained professional to arrange the cut flower into the vase? If you are struggling to do a nice job, just imagine what your customers are doing!!

Start to re-think your cut bouquets, and begin with the big one...


How you present your bouquets is the first impression your customers get of your business. Clear cellophane with a piece of colored tissue and co-coordinating ribbon is my favorite - it is a simple but effective presentation. If your shop is located in a cold climate, wrap your bouquets for a beautiful presentation then wrap for warmth by using a clear bag over your bouquets.

Your bouquets should ALWAYS leave your business with a water source. The newest product that I have used is called "arrive alive" and it's available from selected floral wholesalers. It is a foam triangle that is tied onto the bottom of your floral bouquet and then submerged into water. Finally a plastic bag is put on to hold the moisture in.

Your flower shop should always include a care tag for everything leaving the store. A cut bouquet should be no exception. Be sure to staple a pack of floral preservative right to the tag. This will insure your customer has all the information at their fingertips to properly care for the cut flower bouquet.

When it comes down to the cut bouquet I have a new outlook on how they should leave a flower shop. Sending out your bouquet already completed as a hand tied bouquet has many benefits. Customers will receive a bouquet that is designed for them. All they have to do is cut the stems to size for their vase, cut the string that has bound the bouquet and fluff out the flowers. I have found that there are less complaints with this method. Customers seem to enjoy the fact that the work is done for them.

Give these tips a try the next time you send out a cut flower bouquet. Your customers will thank you by generating more word of mouth business and additional repeat business.

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