Selecting The Perfect Easter Lily: Tips For Picking The Perfect Easter Lily!

Perfect Easter Lily

How do you find the perfect Easter lily?

Easter lilies can be found just about anywhere, from the local convenience stores and hardware stores, to upscale flower shops and everywhere in between.

But not all Easter lilies are alike. The lilies you can find at the "hardware store" are different from the plants you will find at the flower shops

First, hardware and convenience stores will not guarantee their plants and tend to purchase poor quality lilies in mass quantities.

Yes, they are available at rock bottom prices but remember -- you are getting exactly what you pay for.

I always recommend buying from a flower shop, as most will stand behind their product. In the end you will never go wrong dealing with people who know the products that they carry.

So let the hardware store specialize in nuts and bolts and leave the Easter lilies to the experts.

  Here are a few tips for picking the perfect Easter Lily...

1) Look for high quality, proportional plants that are aesthetically pleasing from all angles.

2) Select a plant that is well balanced, making sure the plant is not too tall or short.

3) For the longest enjoyment in your home, look for plants with flowers in various stages of bloom. One with one or two open to partially opened blooms with several unopened buds is a good choice.

4) Check the foliage. There should be an abundance of dark, rich green leaves (this is a vital sign of a healthy plant). The foliage should be dense and extend all the way down to the soil line.

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