Tips On Getting Great Deals On Giftware And Silk Flowers


For years, florists have been brainwashed into believing they have to deal only with the big wholesale companies.

Well guess what?

The marketplace has changed dramatically in the last few years. Now everywhere you look there are dollar stores, liquidation centers, and clearance centers everywhere. So why are we florists still willing to bend over backwards and pay extra for the "quality" of our wholesale companies?

It takes time to realise this but...

What we do as florists is this -- we take a raw product (i.e, a silk calla lily) use a vase from inventory, add a little silk greenery and voila! We create a new masterpiece.

But why not use the "dollar store" calla lily with the vase you grabbed up at the liquidation center? You spend less, you make more, the customer is happy, and the quality of the product is not compromised.

Yes, it is preceived by some in the floral industry to be lacking in quality but if you shop around, you will find that the big box budget stores are getting much of the exact same product as the wholesalers... and selling them for next to nothing.

So here's my number one tips on getting deals on silk flowers and giftware...

Visit your local liquidation center, dollar store, or what have you. Sort though the junk and buy only the quality product (of course, save your receipts -- you'll be able to write this off as a business expense). You'll be surprised by what you'll find, and even more surprised by what you'll save.

And when do you order from your wholesaler?

Only order from the major silk and gift wholesalers when you are mass producing arrangements and need multiples of product. Otherwise...

It's time to go shopping!

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