Valentine's Day Flowers: Do You Always Think of Red Roses?

  When it comes to valentines day flowers roses.  Sixty two percent of women surveyed prefer shades of roses such as yellow, pink, peach, and white. Today there are 120 varieties of roses available and the number is growing everyday. Better yet, with new technologies rose farms are creating roses that have larger blooms with longer and stronger stems.

   If growers cannot create the perfect colour of rose they will dye roses to produce vibrant blues, sharp greens, and deep luscious purples. Now many people who know me will find it amazing that I'm informing you of this option. But let me go on record I am not a fan of the dye absorbed roses. I do find them tacky, messing to work with, and the biggest reason this option of colours are just not in mother natures colouring box. But if your significant other loves the colour blue then go for it!!

Another option to giving the traditional rose bouquet for Valentine's day is to have a mixed bouquet of cut flowers created. A variety of colours and blooms will express your message of love just as effective as roses (check out the meanings of flowers)-- and it can sometimes be a little more original. In fact one of the main reasons I suggest a mixed bouquet of flowers is that every bloom finishes at a different time, making your gift of flowers last as long as possible.

Other impressive bouquets of lilies, orchids or gerbera daisies are great bouquets to send.

Make the decision before ordering;

-whether you would like to send flowers so that your person receiving has to put in a vase of their own?

-or that is already in a vase or container. 

The pros and cons.....Sending cut flowers eliminates the cost of a vase and the labour charge for the designer to create it, but the person receiving has to search the house to find a proper container then design the flowers.

Now picture give a floral arrangement already designed in a vase or container the receiver is a lot quicker to start giving you lots of hugs and kisses... instead of searching though the house for a vase.

Don't Forget To;

Crank-up the passion on Valentine's day? Add an adorable teddy bear, mylar balloon, or box of chocolates to your floral bouquet.

One Last Tip;

The card message whenever possible write it yourself, write it with your heart you can never go wrong.

For a complete selection of Valentine's day gifts and flowers check out below. Remember to order your Valentine's day flowers early to avoid disappointment!

Send Flowers For Valentines day

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