Wedding Day Floral Disasters


Everyone has a wedding day disaster story to tell.

Unfortunately, some of these disasters have involved the hiring of florists / flower shops of an unethical or unprofessional nature.

In the past, I have helped couples that have seen the warning signs and together, we dealt with any problems that might have arisen. In the end, a few simple precautions saved their wedding day. Some couples have ignored the warning signs and paid the price.

What are the warning signs?

Once, I helped a couple that was forced into signing a contract with a competitor. The florist at this particular flower shop convinced the couple that in order to reserve certain rental items for their wedding day (often flower shops will provide decorative items as well as flowers) they had to sign a contract for the wedding flowers, plus the ceremony and reception decorations.

It was a busy time of year and it is not uncommon for flower shops to request confirmation of any order. However, it is suspicious when they push for contract signings and deposits without allowing you to shop around or look over a quote. It's even more suspicious when they require a contract to be signed for all services when you are only interested in obtaining one (the rental of decorative items, in this case).

This particular couple felt compelled to sign a contract without getting any kind of comparison.


The rental pieces were unique and not available anywhere else.They were sucked in by the florist and her sales pitch, and you guessed it -- they gave her a huge deposit.

I met this couple two weeks before the wedding date. They arrived looking for advice and were sick with panic. The florist that they had hired was not returning their phone calls, and when they went to the shop it was closed! Arghh!

Even though they had signed a contact and provided a huge deposit, they still had no way of knowing whether or not they were even going to have flowers for their wedding day. My question to them was...

What was more important -- the loss of their deposit, or the peace of mind knowing for certain they would have flowers on their wedding day?

In the end, the couple decided to stick with the original florist and take the risk. They wanted the unique rental items and they were concerned about losing their deposit. It was against my advice, and they spent the two weeks prior to their wedding day wondering if they would have flowers at all (after the wedding day I did run into the couple who had regrets with their final decision.

On the day of the wedding, wonders of wonders, the florist did show up. She was not only late with the delivery but she also had the wrong flowers. She explained to the couple that she was unable to get they wanted so she made substitutions -- as outlined in her contract.

The couple was, understandably, not happy. The decision to stay with their original florist did save them their deposit money. But in the end they were horribly disappointed with the flowers, the service provided, and the florist herself.

Bottom line?

Don't let a florist push you into anything. Take all the time you need when it comes to picking a florist for your wedding, or any other special occasion. Because really... you're only going to be doing this once (hopefully!) and you want everything to be as perfect as possible.

Being a florist myself, I can tell you that it is nice when couples confirm their order, but it is not uncommon for couples to look around and compare prices and services. That's just business. As a consumer, you need to take a look around and make an informed decision.

In the end, you'll know that you have made the best choice and you will not have any regrets about ordering your wedding day flowers.

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