Your Wedding Florist Agreement/Contract

wedding bouquet

Once you have chosen a florist for your wedding it is not uncommon for the florist to draw up an agreement that will outline the details of your flower order. If the florist does not do so, it is your responsibility to insist on it.

It is critical that this agreement protect your interests as well as those of your chosen wedding florist. Here’s what you do to ensure it does…

Make an appointment to review the floral recommendations and budget. Then make a follow up appointment to read over the florist’s contract.

This contract should include…

· Your full name and contact information (such as your mailing address, telephone, cell phone and e-mails for both you and your florist).

· Dates, times and locations of your wedding ceremony and reception

· An itemized list of all flower arrangements – i.e., the number of arrangements, the colors and types of flower as well as the quantity of blooms.

· Flower alternatives and unacceptable substitutions.

· List of items (vases, trellises, etc.) that your florist will supply for you (make sure they include a detailed list of what is being rented and what is being purchased by you.

· Delivery and set-up prices for each flower arrangement and rental piece.

· Name of the florist/designer who will be designing your wedding arrangements, doing your set-up, and delivering the flowers to your ceremony/reception.

· Arrival times for set-up ceremony/reception sites. Include detailed instructions on who will meet the florist at the various sites. Make sure contact details are provided for relevant parties.

· Where and when bouquets and boutonnieres will be delivered.

· Total cost and payment schedule

· Deposit required and payment due date

· Balance payment date

· Cancellation and refund policy

If any of the following criteria are missing, be sure to bring it to your florist’s attention. Having all the above covered in your contract will protect you, as well as allowing you recourse should your florist fail to deliver as specified.

Your wedding is your day… make sure you take the preparatory steps to ensure it’s as perfect as can be!

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