Ordering Wedding Flowers: A Checklist For Your Florist

bridal bouquet

Before you visit a florist with a complete checklist of your floral needs, you should have already determined your complete budget for flowers (plan on spending around 8% of your total wedding budget on flowers). And of course, you should have an idea of what you want – i.e., natural or silk flowers -- as well as an overall color theme for your wedding

With that in mind,here’s the checklist of information you’ll want to bring to your florist…

1) The bride’s attire: Be prepared to describe the dress style in detail. Bring photos if possible. Let the florist know whether the bride requires a “throw-away bouquet.” Will the bride have flowers in her hair? Your florist needs to know this as well.

2) Maid(s) of honor: How many in the wedding party? Be prepared to describe their attire, including the color and style of their dresses (again, photos are a bonus, but not entirely necessary). Let your florist know whether they will need hair flowers.

3) Bridesmaid(s): How many in the party? Again, your florist will need to know what they are wearing and the color. If they need flowers in their hair, make sure your florist knows.

4) Flower girl(s): OK, you’re beginning to see the pattern here, right?

5) List of women who require a corsage: this could include mother of the bride/groom, grandmothers on both sides, mistress of ceremonies, and any other female guests you think appropriate.

6) On the groom’s side it’s a bit simpler, since most men will only need a boutonnière. Regardless, the florist will need to know something about the attire of the groom’s party, especially if you plan on deviating from the traditional dark tux/white shirt route.

So make a note of the best man’s attire, the number of ushers and their attire, as well as the ring bears, fathers of the bride and groom, grandfathers on both sides, master of ceremonies, and any other male guests that need a boutonnière.

7) Full name of both the bride and groom, including all pertinent contact information including mailing address, telephone number, cell phone, and email addresses.

8) Date, time, and locations of the both ceremony and reception with the appropriate contact names and phone numbers for the various venues. Arrival times for set-up are critical, and make sure your florist is aware of any “restrictions” included in the rental contracts. For example -- most reception sites do not allow an open flame candle arrangements due to insurance policies.

Got it all? Then you're good to go! Call your selected florist and make your appointment! Need help finding a florist? This article will help you!

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