Brides -- What To Do If Your Wedding Gets Cancelled

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What do you do if your wedding gets canceled?

A wedding cancellation can be one of the most disappointing and devastating times in your life. Depending on the circumstances for the cancellation, it can also be emotionally draining. While I truly hope this never, ever happens to you, it does happen. And if it does, you need to be prepared.

The only way to get through this time of your life is with the help and support of your family and friends. However, no matter how upset you may be, there are formalities that need to be addressed no matter. My best advice is to call someone in your family first (such as a mother or sister) and ask that person to call the rest of the family members. The wedding party also needs to be notified, and those people can usually be recruited to call guests -- if invitations have been sent -- to inform them of the cancellation.

One of the most cathartic things that you can do is to call all your vendors and start canceling their services. You may want to inquire about their cancellation policies and try to get any deposit money back.

Keep in mind there are some services that will not provide any refund or exchanges. This is common practice in bridal salons. Neither your wedding dress nor the bridesmaids’ dresses are returnable. You may want to consider putting the dresses up for action on e-bay. Alternatively, you can try a consignment shop. If you want to have it out of your sight and your closet, then donate it to a worthwhile charity.

If you have received wedding gifts then they must be returned -- no matter what! Again, ask your family and the wedding party to help with this task if you feel uncomfortable tackling it on your own.

That takes care of the formality of the cancellation, but it’s likely you are still very emotional. You have probably heard “8 million people” telling you that it is better that it happens now rather then later. This may be true, but you get sick of hearing it (can you tell I’ve been there and done that – lol!)

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