How To Create A Winter Wreath Prt 1: A "Do It Yourself" Series

I know you're eager to get started on this next in my "do it yourself series" learning how to create a beautiful winter wreath, so I'll waste no further time.

Ready? Let's get started...

Step 1:First place the end of a curly willow branch under the wire wreath form....

create winter wreath step 1

As you can see here there is a wire that crosses over. This is part of your wreath form and will help hold the willow branch in place...

create a winter wreath step 2

If you can not bend your curly willow branch you can use the wired greenery from your wreath to hold it in place.

create a winter wreath step 3

Continue to move along the stem of curly willow, holding it in place with the wired greenery. Bend the branches to follow the shape of your wreath form.

create a winter wreath step 4

Follow the stem right out to the end. Making sure that your branch is secure.

create a winter wreath step 4

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