How To Create A Winter Wreath Prt 5: A "Do It Yourself" Series

This is part 5 of my do it yourself series, "how create a winter wreath." If you missed part 4 of the winter wreath series, please click here!

So you now have a wreath that has...curly willow, pine cones, and green artificial filler. Next is to add some colour with some blueberry picks.

how to create a winter wreath

Add the blueberry picks to your wreath in the same fashion as the green filler picks (from step 4). Making sure to try them out first for placement.

Then glue into place!

Prepare the silk eucalyptus by cutting each branch of the main stem.

Again "dry fit" the eucalyptus stems into your wreath.

Glue into place when you are happy with the overall look.

And there you have it... a simple but beautiful winter blueberry wreath that is easy to make.

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